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dumbbell clean and press for mass

Its saved me a lot of money and time in gym memberships. Should I just keep doing the lighter weight for both arms so my left arm catches up? Thanks for the help, you got back to me pretty quick. While doing dumbbell rows, I can do a set of 10 reps with 15 kilos quite easily, but I can barely do the same with 12.5 kilos using left arm. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m that out of shape but wanted to know your suggestions on what I should do with the planking. I’ve been doing a shortened version of the routine. Would you recommend doing all 3 sets with the same arm before switching and using the standard rest time, or alternating arms with a shorter rest time (since one arm gets rested while the other is working). Im 10 stone and 6 foot tall and want to be at least 12 stone next year. I read about your high rep workout to do on ‘off’ days. He demonstrates proper form for the push press and push jerk. My main goal is to bulk up and, if possible, I would like to get rid of some stubborn bely fat that I’ve always had. Can i add calf raises and forearm curls to target my weak points in that area or i dont need to do them? You can do it for as long as you’re able to make progress. Follow the progression I lay out in the article above. . I’ve been feeling very exhausted after the lifting workout, so much so that I’m unable to do the ab exercise at the end. I just wanted to how long to rest between each set of each exercise, to gain maximum mass. I’m in school right now and my schedule forces me to sometimes have 2 days off between workouts. So i need to get weight wil this program get me some abs 2 ? hey david ! Also, your muscles won’t get “used to” any routine – stick with it for as long as you’re getting stronger or until you get really bored with it. I am still 135 pounds at the age of 17. Is this a good approach with this workout? I’m doing this workout M/W/F right now, but I workout hard and an too tired to effectively do my ab workout at the end. So now I am confused. Should it be an improvement over how I was doing them, It depends how long you’re resting in between exercises. Can these be done holding two dumbbells? I started to run about mile or so on the days in between A and B. I’m wondering. I have bought Whey protein powder and I also get muscle milks and protein shakes. I’m 16 years old, 4 foot 9, and weigh 92 pounds (yes I’m pretty much full grown). Another question I have, if I continue this routine and I am increasing the weight week after week will plateauing still develop eventually? Thank you for the encouragement! Just make sure your form is on point given your injuries. Hey man, it will be very tough to do with only 1 dumbbell as most of the exercises require 2. And yeah – you can add abs to both days. And Do I do reps slow or fast for gain? The options are light, medium, and heavy. Add them to the end of any workout. My forearms/arms give up before my abs do which is partly due to the arm exercises done before the leg raises. My issue is, I literally can’t do pullups (bought a bar) or the hanging leg raise (I did situps instead). I would just eat soon after you finished the workout. You can keep doing this routine, just change how much food you’re eating (less to cut weight and belly fat or more to get bigger). – The routine consists of two workouts (A and B), you will alternate between the two – Perform the routine every other day (e.g. I think an incline press is suitable for some time. I’m 5 foot 8′ and at 134 lbs, 13Percent BF,I started bulking today , what weight should i bulk up to and is this program good for that? Im average/thin and maybe i need more calories to fill those areas? I want to do this workout at home but I cant have a pull up bar here. Can you give alternatives for dumbbell skull crusher? I would drop the weight and work through the progression again before adding the 5 pounds back. I was doing the math to see how long it takes to go up 5 pounds, and it takes around a month! I lost it too quickly I think, and am now trying to bulkbup. or should one rep be for both of them? I’ve worked out in the past, but recently purchase a new business and haven’t in the past few months. Or maybe do a cardio finisher to the workouts? Other fitness and lifestyle sites need to take note. But I dont see a difference in my body. If you want to hammer several muscles in a single workout to save time and money, then this is the workout for you. This is perfect for me! How many sets of pull ups and planks are we meant to do? But to answer your question, you can switch to these squats once you can goblet squat more than 75 lb: You could do a table pull up and sit ups instead. Thanks a lot. A few additional light warm up sets for the first 3-4 movements should be enough. Next brace your opposite hand on a bench and ensure that you have a solid and flat back. Grab a pair of dumbbells and lift them onto your shoulders. Would you mind responding to my previous comment? i`m 22. and 1.8m high. Can I expect gains? I know in your recent pdf you just up the weight. I really like training i find it fun lol but i dont want to over train so is it possible if i could do 3 workout a and 2 workout b for one week then the following week i train 3 workout b and 2 workout a? After all without legs you don’t grow unfortunately. I beg to differ. Hi David! Can I still do the exercise routine? Thanks Danny, check this one out:, What are alternatives for pull up and hanging leg raise? Thanks Randy – awesome to hear you’re making progress! Hi David! I was thinking to add the Shrugs to day A and the raises to day B, do you think that would make sense or should I reverse it? Any tricep movement – close grip push ups or cable extensions. I was wondering if you could answer two questions that came to mind as I started working out. Or for example the goblet squat with 10kg and the lateral side raise with 6kg? Some Advice? Is that possible? Truly admire your insight into body fitness. Thanks. Any advice on food intake ? Hey! Thanks, Your diet should be enough calories to gain a little bit of weight: Nope, unfortunately you cannot target specific areas when losing fat, it all comes off together. Hey Jason, do 3 sets of both (stop 1-2 reps before failure). Great program! For diet just make sure you’re eating enough to gain. Each “Clean and Press” is one repetition, so a set of ten is ten cleans and presses total. Thanks Gaurav – happy to hear you’re making progress! When you are strong enough to use heavier weights than you have, you should buy new one. Also just search this page for pull up and hanging leg raises, I’ve answered that question in the comments a few times. how much pound if I do this workout ? (1) Since I would like to put extra work into building broad shoulders, how would I modify this program to do such? It is advisable for someone over 60, or is it counterproductive due to body change that comes if age . Yeah it’s definitely short and intense, I would give it a try for the next few months. What do you think of it? ( if it ever become useless ? I’m 5’10″IN 161LBS, 15 years old and I play Football. The first time I held it for 15 and was able to power through to 30 seconds the 2nd but it seems like it’s gonna take me some time to reach 60 seconds. This routine would be my suggestion. Hi David its Frank again from the previous comments i left, i need some advice im hoping you can try your best to help me. Hi David! You’re quite light, so it should be pretty easy to make good gains right now – go get after it. Reading through the comments I found out you said you should be doing 3 sets of each exercise before moving onto the next (i.e. Cheers. Now, as I gained weight I have this belly fat which is awkward. I am currently 183cm and only 58 kilos, I’ve changed my diet up a lot and am consuming a lot more carbohydrates. Thank you. There is no exercise like the row for getting a thick, dense back. It’s a full body routine so you need to rest at least one day after each workout. I understand these are full body workouts and rest is needed so was wondering about running a couple of days a week. Thanks, can’t wait to start this. No problem. Hi David, Could you share with us a routine for abs with dumbbells? If you have barbells and want to substitute some of the exercises you see above for things like the barbell movements you mentioned, that is acceptable. Hey David . For the past month or so I have started to try and eat more protein and I have gotten a pair of Dumbbells. Hey Randy, glad to hear you’re making gains! Thanks for the kind words, Walter! Lastly, how often do you use this workout and hoe effective is it for you? And kindly suggest me warmup before starting these routines. I started my home workout routine more than 4 weeks ago. I’ve been following this routine for a few weeks now and loving the structured approach. If so, then 1-2 days of cardio is good. When you perform a Dumbbell Bench Press while alternating which arm is performing work you increase your time under tension and provide more of a stimulus for growth. David, how much time between sets and different exercised is recommended?? Even on vacation, I love to get into a gym or two. Join over 500k subscribers who receive weekly workouts, diet plans, videos and expert guides from Muscle & Strength. I’m a total beginner and slightly overweight. Return to the bells to the shoulders and reclean the weight. If you want traps that standout above the rest and forearms that stretch out your dress shirt sleeves, be sure to give farmer's carries a place in your workout routine. I will follow the plan and see how i go. Is it ok to up the reps to about 12 – 14 Max as I am limited with equipment at home.. Would you still recommend 1 day of running or should I do more? In regards to cardio on days off, if you’re trying to lose weight then do it, but if you’re trying to bulk up then I’d avoid it or only do it once per week. I have started to notice I am getting stronger. Can you please tell me how much mass i will be able to add at the end of 1 month? I’m doing cardio intervals 3x per week (not really HIIT) and bodyweight/light dumbbell circuits 4x per week (similar to Zuzka Light but with weights, too), plus Pilates 3x per week for a stronger core and stable hips (thought it was fluff–then actually TRIED it, ouch). Nothing worked it seems my body won`t assimilate any of that. Help greatly appreciated. Table pull ups for the pull ups and crunches, planks or sit-ups for the leg raises. Yes, several of the exercises like the lunges and the shoulder press hit the traps. I’m very skinny and my arms are like spaghetti. I want a workout that suits me, even with this condition, I have Serious Mass here, does this workout + the S.M going to help me bulk up? Hey man :), so I’m 17in a few weeks and I’m 145lbs and like more toned muscle then like bulging out mass muscle if that makes sense like I’ve been working out whenever I can for a few years football team and stuff but I hate being so skinny lookin like overall so I mean like would push-ups the dumbells bench press pull-ups treadmill or Bo-flex all help gain mass like muscle cause for me its just like when I workout the muscle I have gets really toned but no mass, maybe eat more? I feel like I need to add calories or up the sets/intensity of the workout even though I’m using heavy enough weights. Seriously, track your calories for a few days if you have to, but make sure you’re actually eating more, whether that means bigger meals or adding a meal. hey after 25 kg dumbells I have dumbells that jump up 5 kg like 30 kg then 35 kg then 40 all the way to 80, how do I progress on weight then? Take advantage of the bilateral deficit and train your legs one at a time with heavier loads than you would have used with a barbell. Simple exercise but as far as progression goes i can see myself maxing out on these. You can skip them or do something like overhead triceps extensions if you have access to a cable machine. Hi David, i have been following your program for 3 weeks now and i have never felt better. I’m eating 2,400 calories a day with 25-35% fat, 15-25% protein (which I’ll increase a bit shortly while cutting some fat%), and the rest carbs. My only concern is will i hit a plateau with this routine? Hey david! B: Stiff-Leg Deadlift Overhead Press Curls. Thank you very much, this will work great. Hey Denoir, I think that works fine. Follow it to a T. If anything, do the workouts every other day (instead of just 3 days per week). With a bit of a hinge clean the bells to the shoulder. It’s all described above – and in greater detail in the PDF download I link at the top. I just had a few questions if you don’t mind me asking. Press and continue. Follow the same path on the way down. Im a 41 year old guy. Dumbbell Clean and Press (warm-up set of 1x5) 2: 8-10: B1: Standing Dumbbell Military Press: 4: 2-4: B2: Pull-Up: 4: 3-5 * C1: Dumbbell Jerk: 1: 1-3: Use at least 5 pounds more than your last set of military presses. Plank (ignore the regular progression and go for 30-60 seconds), 1. Do I need any rest days or anything? - 1 arm row I’m going to start with this workout from today. I wouldn’t add in DB deadlifts, because that’s a lot more taxing that say tricep dips. Also, what should I be doing in the way of diet/protein shakes? Do it every other time if you really want to do it. Yo David. Just switch back to the flat press after running a cycle or two of the routine. Ok,thanks starting tomorrow set A. The flat DB press works the chest and the DB skull crushers work the triceps, for example. In fact, most individuals will be able to perform well over half of their 1RM back squat with one leg. Replace the traditional dumbbell press with the Arnold Press for at least four weeks to bring about new growth. I am a skinny guy. I don’t have enough weights , I only have two sets and i can fairly use them, they are not very tough to workout with. What is the benifet of doing it the way you say? Hey Paul – do all 3 sets before moving on to the next exercise. Thanks James! Or would this be too much work on the shoulders? However I’m wondering how much I’m losing out by not using barbells. How many sets? That means I’m resting 3/4 of the time. But don’t do this routine and Sun and Mon, you need 1 day of rest in between. It depends on the number of reps you are doing. Pretty impressed on your whole web-based-trainer operation, truly. When you train with dumbbells you are not only creating a stimulus that produces muscle mass, but also creating functional strength because of the added need to stabilize the weight in multiple planes of movement. There are a lot of ways to increase workload and make small increments in progress. Hello David. Great routine! I’ve been using this routine for a month or so and it’s been great, thanks! Your email address will not be published. I drink a protein shake right after my workout. Is that about right? I just wanted to know from your side whats my best approach? There are few tools as effective as dumbbells for packing on slabs of muscle. Thanks a lot for the advice David, Keep up the Great Work! I’ve noticed that day B doesn’t seem to hit the chest much. I have a 40kg dumbbell set and want to gain muscle and ‘get big’, what protein supplements shall i use to get bigger quicker? I still can’t see any abs, i still can pinch an inch but it i stretch arms above my head you can see every single rib with ease …. Rep slow on the way down, fast on the way up. Should I add an extra lift per group or just follow this to a T? I sure hated to start over from the beginning, but I took my time and I’m back to where I left off in February. In the video above, I go over how to optimize your diet for building muscle. Especially for muscles I’m wanting to target. Not specifically, but you can do “table pull ups” if you don’t have a pull up bar (I linked to a video demonstration of this exercise in a previous comment). thanks, Hey this workout has been awesome so far…2 weeks all I have is dumbells and pull up bar so it suits me. Although I have seen significant stamina improvement and 30lbs of weight loss, I have not seen the muscle growth I wish to develop. Thanks. Said to work upper body and stomach to help ease the back strain. I do it 6 days a week and 45 min to 1 hr a day. I don’t currently use this routine but I have and it did give me great results. Just did it for the first time and took 23 minutes. In fact, the first portion of the movement (clean) is actually the first … but the result was so frustrating. It seems ideal for me as I can only workout at home, also I don’t have a bench.. so what would be best doing db presses on the floor or push ups? Thanks. So what are the best dumbbell exercises for mass? I find the hanging leg raises really irritate my shoulder injury. Again thanks for this in-depth post. For how long should one stick with it, and what is the next workout (again using dumbbells) once this one stops delivering? This is actually a very aggressive progression. and I am about 5’11” in height. I feel like I might be better hitting my upper chest more now, to even things out. Don’t stress the specific amounts of carbs. Or how do we know in advance what’s one rep less than failure? Sorry if it was already asked and answered Best JD. Also, would you recommend including dumbbell deadlifts in this routine at all, as it’s also a good compound exercise? Go with push ups and add a weighted backpack if you can do too many reps. Hey David, quick question. I would review your exercise plan and diet with him in this case. Thanks so much. You can also perform them for higher reps as a finisher, but be warned, this is not for the faint of heart. Thanks for the feedback Chris – I’m glad you’re liking the routine. It would take 5 workouts to get from 8 to 12 reps, meaning almost a month of working out before getting to add weight and drop back down to 8 reps. Would you mind explaining how you can add weight faster? Wasnt sure due to the wording. To build a stand-out six pack, you need to build the rectus abdomis. ohhh thanks! It’s a powerhouse of a movement and if you’re not doing them (Or something similar) you’re missing out! Yes, I believe someone else asked a similar question above so you might want to search through and read my more detailed response! Has your doctor cleared you to lift weights? But my biggest fear is legs only one day is that enough to keep the testosterone up? Can u reply with time you finish this workout in? You may need to check your form. Thanks for the program, I love it. From the shoulders, ensure that your forearms are vertical and press the dumbbells overhead. The rest is necessary. I have one more question. I’ll experiment with some weights until I find one that gets me stopping around 40-60 seconds then work from there. Hi David, I’ve been loving the workout. I plan to do this workout indoors in my room due to the winter season that came and it can be very cold outside to workout where my bench is. Lately I’ve been mixing a 35 minute HIIT session in between workout days. Got a couple more questions. Check your inbox for your welcome email. also is the same for the hanging leg raise and plank? … Thanks David! Any less and you don’t give the progression a chance to “work”. Hey, Would it be possible to alternate between pull ups and chin ups every next workout, and do the same for incline bench press and normal bench press? Thus either switch over to the kettlebell or dumbbell clean and jerk entirely for a month or mix and match. per month is a good target). 1. Hello there , can i do the rear delt raise with the machine which you hold both grips on each side and push backwards or the one you did is better also are the two abs exercises enough to make the abs bigger or if i want to focus on them i have to add more than two cuz i really want to be ripped everywhere upper abs and lower abs , thanks for your effort. If you’re getting stronger and gaining weight then it’s a good plan! Hey Daniel, I’m not familiar with that condition and its effects on exercise. After a month of only doing the barbell clean and jerk you will likely be craving variety. And if you have any other tips on starting to use weights that would be much appreciated Thanks, Sorry I also forgot to mention that I do not have access to a pull up bar, so what would be some variations that I could do at home. I’m a skinny fat guy! Hey Mark – either keep doing the assisted pull ups or try doing the lat pulldown instead. I think the lat bar pull downs had something to do with it. . The only thing I don’t have is a pull up bar, can I skip this step or any alternatives? Hey Suraj, I’m glad you’re liking the routine. It all depends. Would doing a couple ab exercises (weighted for bulk) twice a week (Tues/Thurs) work well? and do you have to hit the target reps for ALL 3 sets before you increase the reps? Hey Muqeet! Hey Dave, I’ve been using this routine for a few months now and it has really worked to add ‘good’ bulk. Can I use resistance bands w/ the barbells? The Arnold Press is great for building massive shoulders because it extends the range of motion of a conventional shoulder press. Hey David do I eat less on the days I don’t work out and eat more on the days I do for this schedule? ( I’m french and I apologize for my english mistakes ), So I practice fitness since one and a half year but I will not be able to go to the gym anymore soon. Which routine should I be using? When was the last time you saw a small Strongman? I’m still using good form staying back on my heels. If the muscle bellies on your abs are small then you must get your abs bigger by training them with weight. It is a muscular soreness or the actual joint? Can you tell me which one is better and for what reasons, or does it not matter? My elbows seem to experience pain whenever i do a repetition. Thank-you. I lost weight – 220 to 175, im 6’1″ and 40 years old. This routine – or any other proven weightlifting routine for that matter – will work well! God Bless. Perform it by starting with the dumbbells at your sides and then use your hips to generate some momentum (like you would with a cheat curl) and then clean the dumbbells up to your shoulders. Even thk i dont have access to the gym, will dumbbells and bench help me gain muscle which is more weight? I would also recommend placing an Ab-mat or foam pad on the ground where your rear knee touches to give you a little cushioning and to adjust your range of motion if you are shorter or using a taller bench. would you recommend any supplements to aid the workout and weight gain? Hi David Please suggest me a diet plan ?im little fatty almost 67 kg lol, Hi Ambs, you just need to eat less total calories every day. Or no? These feel like advanced workouts to me? Use this routine and eat enough food to gain weight! Is it alright to do some cardio before the workouts. Military Press. It’s a full body routine, designed to give you more time to rest and recover. I don’t currently have the money to purchase more weights to surpass this, can I increase reps or add more exercises to keep pushing the muscles? – thanks in advance. Like the barbell clean and press, the dumbbell version has you taking a weight from the floor (or at least knee level) and controlling its path all the way overhead. I am also a vegetarian so I get my protein from milk and dairy products like eggs and cheese, will this help me bulk up and gain mass? Replace the traditional dumbbell press with the Arnold Press for at least four weeks to bring about new growth. I just added 5lbs today but could only do 3 sets of 8, 7, 6 instead of 3 sets of 8 for certain exercises. I’m loving the dumbbell routine! Is there alternative to this (presumably targeting triceps)? This routine may be better for you:, Hey David, will you please suggest the correct everyday diet for gaining muscles fast. I’m currently 65kg at the age of 23.. eating alot + whey and protein shakes… very fast metabolism tho. I’d suggest 3 months minimum (for this routine and any other routine you use). You’ll need more than 20 pound dumbbells, however. You are a credit to the web mate. ), 1. Thanks for any further detail you can give. Hi, great article, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m 21, but I look like a 16 years old and I believe that’s because I have hyperthyroidism, in other words, it’s extremely difficult for me to gain weight. Hey David. Whenever you can fit it in and have good energy. The Arnold Press is great for building massive shoulders. David. You’ll have to do a test day to figure out what weights to start with (re-read the article above). If im not feeling any soreness the next day, does that mean im not doing it right? On both days i do 5 sets, 5 reps each exercise. Yes, you can do table pull ups instead: Hi David. i hv question. Just get the diet on point too. The routine is meant for people who only have access to, or only prefer to use dumbbells. Hey so I am experiencing DOMS in the bicep elbow area . First of all, will this workout routine work your biceps and/or arm? And yes, adding some weight to the plank is a good idea. Hey David. I may be jumping ahead here, but what can I do once I can press both 75 lbs dumbbells, and need to add more lbs? Aim for like 2 pounds per month. Yep you can do a “double front rack dumbbell squat” using two dumbbells 2. Will update you about the results after a week or two. Hey david,i’m going to start this program from tomorrow.I’m a skinny guy n I really want to gain muscle mass.Will you please tell me how many calories,proteins, carbs and fats should i target to eat everyday, Hey man,plz do reply.I am eagerly waiting for your answer, Hey david Can you do this program monday to friday and take 2 days off or will it overtrain your muscles thanks great program. with which workout can i switch hanging leg reise ? I want to build some upper body strength and get in better shape all around especially since I started bouldering and realized how hard it is to pull myself up. Focus on eating well – you’re in a crucial stage where you’re body need fuel to grow. And how much cardio, then, can I do on the off days? The clean and press is a two-part exercise that works the legs, hips and core as well as the shoulders and arms. David Can you give me a meal plan to follow to gain muscle? Stand tall. I’m going to start your dumbbell bulking routine and then move to your beginner barbell routine for mass. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Not easy, but very effective. Hello David, I need to gain muscle mass and strenght my arms and chest for August of 2016. If you follow these guidelines for diet ( ) then you can expect to gain a 2-4 pounds per month and most of it will be muscle. I know you mentioned in response to some comments that between the two workouts (A, B) that you’re getting a full body workout. This is a great workout to increase mass and definition to the shoulders. I am in the Army, so I am forced into a pretty intense weekly cardio routine (three to five 30-50 minute runs per week). You’re correct. I just want to ensure i’m doing this right. Cheers man. I was just wondering if you’re able to help me set up a routine?

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