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ghost shrimp eat pleco poop

There have been no problems yet except the occasional hide and seek champion deciding to hide from me…. I recently added a few to my 36 gallon tank. debris on in the gravel and on the sides, brownish algea, flakes the filter dumps underwater before the fish get to them, and so on. Using Ghost Shrimp to Keep a Turtle Tank Clean. Alison . I have a couple of anubias in a L260 tank. One of the benefits of ghost shrimp is they are scavengers eating anything they can find. An easier and cheaper shrimp to obtain is the ghost shrimp (Palaemonetes paludosus) from the southern U.S. I mentioned above that plecos are omnivores. One of my favorite "working fish" to keep in a turtle tank aren't really fish at all. i also put in some fish food. Like many plecos, they want to consume algae and this fish know how to get rid of algae in an aquarium.I’ve read that some aquarists say that bristlenose plecos will be the best “treatment” for algae issues. Also I was hoping to get a pleco (not for breeding tank) just for my other boy fish Tommy but he is very aggressive and it is a 10 gallon tank. Ghosts are bigger and much less predictable. They also eat algae that they find around the tank, proving them to be useful as cleaner fish. Especially since pleco's are bottom feeders, as are the shrimp, so they're always going to run into one another. Whilst there aren’t really any fish available purely for the purposes of eating poop, fortunately poop-eating fish wouldn’t be that useful for your tank health anyway. Plants, but they do this a very slow rate unless you are talking an extremely heavily planted tnak w/ lightly stocked fish. Once a ghost takes over a living body it can make them eat whatever it wants them to. Hey everyone, today I wanted to share a topic that isn't talked about too much...and that's aquarium inhabitants that eat poop! We have a 10 gallon tank and as of a few days ago had 1 pleco and 4 glo-fish and 2 zebra danios. Reply. They are ultimate cleaners for the fish aquarium and invertebrates who eat on a continual basis. They're crustaceans, specifically Palaemonetes paludosus, commonly known as the ghost shrimp or glass shrimp. I scooped one out when I saw him and the other one (I assume is dead) because he has been MIA for about 2 days. after watching my ghost shrimp for awhile to see if they where eating flakes that fell to the bottom.. ( pestsmart told me they had to have sink pellets).. i saw my one ghost shrimp suck up a flake, and the other one i saw eating a ball of poop.. i hope hes not gonna get salmonella from eating poop! Also there are inverts, such as clams, shrimp, and oh yeah Planaria!!! Do Ghost Shrimp Eat Fish Poop? Has anyone ever heard of a pleco eating a smaller fish? Lol. Many people automatically turn to plecostomus catfish (or plecos), thinking that they’ll magically vacuum up all the fish poop and debris in the tank. Note the unique red markings on its two front legs, and the tip of its tail. These Shrimp are called ghost shrimp because of their translucent bodies. RCS are harmless but Ghosts will sometimes attack fish and will take small fry right out of the water column. Snails, shrimp, plecos and corydoras, they are all part of the clean-up crew to a lot of people. Primarily algae eaters, plecostomus will “suck” the surfaces of their environments in order to obtain food. You don't need to feed shrimp anything. Lobster Shrimp Ghost Shrimp Amano Shrimp Flower Shrimp Crab Aquarium Frog Tadpole Newt Clam. Is shrimp doody safe to eat? i have two 330 gall per hr filters one being a biofilter. Plecostomus are commonly called “sucker fish,” a nickname derived from the fish’s eating habits. You can try getting a few ghost shrimp. You shouldn’t give it meat every single day though, or even multiple times a day. Usually, 2 algae wafers are enough for a pleco during the span of 1 day. There are scores of Ancistrus species. aswell they prefer to eat at night so dropping in this food just before bed is a far more effective way of feeding them... good luck.. ghost shrimp will just bounce around the tank looking for bits of food. I got a couple of Ghost Shrimp for my 10g tank (8 white clouds of varying size, between .5 inches and 1 inch), the tank has been up and running (yes, and cycled, and not with fish at that) for a month, so there is a pretty good amount of misc. A clean-up crew does clean up uneaten food and dead plants, but they do not eat fish poop nor do they replace cleaning your tank yourself. Ghost shrimp is a picky eater and eats most of every little insect in your fish aquarium. They will eat algae off of your hard surfaces in your aquarium and as a bonus will help clean up uneaten food lying on the bottom of the tank. The plecostomus, also dubbed “pleco”, is a type of freshwater catfish, often used in ornamental tanks. grow to be around 6-8", they will eat the shrimp. Ghost shrimp are good scavengers, as they feed off of debris from other fish and graze on algae that grows in the ... fresh vegetables, and live or frozen food like brine shrimp and black worms. Red Cherry Shrimp are easy to care for and prolific. Finally, the wood shrimp (Atyopsis moluccensis), which is also called the rock, parasol, fan or bamboo shrimp, is unusual in that it will eat blue-green algae. I caught one of the male ghost shrimps molting its exoskeleton. Ghost shrimp are hard to find in such a big tank! The one dietary item that will keep a pleco happy is a nice piece of drift wood. ... You'd probably prefer less, which will reduce growth and "poop". However, in the caseof the inverts, most are either filtering the water column and not the substrate or will more readily eat left-overs. Algae Eating Shrimp for Freshwater Aquarium: Ghost Shrimp – The shrimp that is most affordable, the best algae eaters and most broadly accessible is the Ghost Shrimp.. "sucker fish", "pleco" type fish grow very large and even the smallest types will grow too big for your tank, and many will be aggressive to, so stay away from anything with these labels, except the Oto cat. Molting is a process where a shrimp grows a new shell and sheds the old one. Ghost shrimp only grow to be 1-1.5", therefore no, you cannot keep ghost shrimp with pleco's. This means that they eat meat as well, not only vegetables. Lv 7. It is a planted tank. Would a pleco eat a ghost shrimp?? oh and there's a pleco in there too. Some plecos will eat shrimp especially the little ones but others will not. Shrimp are scavengers. If your shrimp community comprises of brine shrimp or ghost shrimp, then there’s a good chance that a goldfish will eat them. You never can tell what plecos will eat but usually something like the cherry shrimp will breed so prolifically anyway that you don't notice the odd one missing. other fish will help eat the pellets but the cories will get in there. The pleco, or plecostomus, is a type of catfish often housed in aquariums. For some reason, we lost 2 glo-fish in a day. These fascinating shrimp are an amazing addition to any fish tank. You’ll need to feed plecos … L-144 Pleco (I think this is the Bristle Nose) is a really small pleco and would be great for your tank. Cory catfish, ghost shrimp, algae eaters, plecos, crayfish, snails...all of these things should help keep the tank looking nice I have several adult sliders in one tank and no poop problems. Leaves are chewed and its not the snails doing it lol. One of which is a pleco and an axolotl. will also consume fish waste, as will greater pond snails, blood worms and fresh water clams. Even dwarf species of pleco such as the pitbull, zebra, clown, bristlenose, etc. Small shrimp would be cool for it and will eat leftover food, but not so much algae. On top of being a good cleanup crew, snails also poop like all creatures. ... non-aggressive fish. The shrimp’s dorsal vein runs alongside the intestine, so unless you’re a crustaceal surgeon and can remove the vein without removing the intestine, you shouldn’t waste your breath complaining about it. Plecos are algae-eaters, but your home aquarium won’t provide enough algae to keep your pleco full. It is very inexpensive, grows to 2 inches and usually sells as food for large fish. You can still add those Corydoras or Plecos (provided your tank is suitable) as they are fascinating fish to keep, but unfortunately they won’t quite do the job of cleaning up (that part is up to you). They eat in a separate feeding tank and tend to poop in it too while eating! They eat food that falls to the bottom or gets missed by fish, detritus, algae, even fish poop.Now if it were 20 shrimp in one smaller container, sure you may need to supplement with food, as there wouldn't be enough around to scavenge for all of them. So my worry is that if the pleco isn't the same size as the axolotl to start with, the axolotl will try to eat it. It's said that this could be the cause of certain addictions, the negative energy of spirits produces cravings in the living causing them to consume particular foods, including junk … They service a dual purpose with an appealing look. These small, translucent scavengers are sold inexpensively in the aquarium sections of pet shops as feeders or tank cleaners, and they do a good job of it. The ghost shrimp pick the small food from the bottom of the tank that includes fish poop … They can be quite little, typically growing to just a few centimeters in length, plus larger fish have eaten them rather fast. Not live ones,pleco are basically vegetarian,but they are not above a little sushi once in a while. Here's an aggregated list of disasters involving people mixing species. Robert Brand says. one of the shrimp died because our air pump was too strong and it swam into the flow of air and died instantly, so i was left with 9 shrimp. how many ghost shrimp would be safe to place in a 55 gallon tank that only has a male and female convict without having to worry about ammonia/nitrite/ph levels getting out of control? These shrimp undergo molting. Snail’s Poop is Good for Shrimp. Yes, but the shrimp should be cooked thoroughly. tia. Before you make the purchase, let’s talk about this amazing animal, their care requirements, and whether or not plecos are the right pet fish for you. As I have seen similar hanging out of the BristleNose Pleco's rear I assume it is his poop, ... Also ghost shrimp seem to help by by breaking it into smaller pieces while foraging for food and mine seem to eat some of it. 2 0. mustangsally76. Bristlenose Plecos. Planarians, flat worms, hydra etc. Plecos are a great addition to your aquarium to help keep it algae-free. Exactly Scat's eat fish poo (hence the name), so do Cod, and yes so do some shrimp (such as the wood shrimp) and all filter feeding crabs and shrimp will consume fish detritus (after its been stirred up a little). To keep a healthy pleco in your tank, meat should only be given once or twice a week. Plecos have bones in their fins that would catch in the axolotl's throat. They will find that poop, get those good bacteria in the digestive tract and it is just an all-around win for everybody. I have a pleco and a few ghost shrimp in each of my tanks. you don;t need to feed them directly...they will chase down flake food. Did you know that their poop has bacteria that is good for the digestive system of the shrimp? I heard that ghost shrimp clean any exess food that falls to the bottom of the tank but just asking if ghost shrimp will eat my fry/eggs. The bacteria in the tank will help break the poop, but you still need to get in there and vaccuum out the gravel at least one a week with goldfish. I have a Panaque Suttoni that has completely devoured a 2 foot long piece of hard drift wood,it's taken him about 15 years, but the wood is almost gone.Your shrimp should be OK.----Good luck.-----PeeTee The bristlenose pleco, related species and Ancistrus temminckii, is an excellent fish to get. i bought 10 ghost shrimp and put them in a 10 gallon tank (they have it all to themselves) and put in some bamboo plants so they have something to eat.

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